Estonian Auditors' Association / 15 November 2015

Estonian Auditors’ Association celebrates 25th anniversary of auditing activities in Estonia!

During the past decades a strong and uniform profession of auditing has developed in Estonia - the everyday work of auditors involves successfully advocating a transparent and reliable business environment.


At the anniversary conference, held in the Creative Hub, answers were sought to the following questions: What will the role of auditor be in 2020? How to ensure a reliable business? What are the expectations of entrepreneurs and the public sector regarding the activities of sworn auditors?


The conference was opened with a speech by Minister of Finance Sven Sester on the challenges faced in the field of auditors' activities. Representatives of auditors' associations from Norway, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia presented an overview of regulations governing auditors' activities in their respective countries and introduced the latest developments in the field and plans for the future. A presentation on the future prospects for the economy was given by financial analyst Hardo Pajula.


At the conference, Märt-Martin Arengu, President of the Estonian Auditors' Association, introduced the confidence index of reporting. The index shows the proportion of audited companies whose annual reports receive a so-called "clean" report, thereby reflecting the quality and reliability of in-house accounting in Estonia.

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