Estonian Auditors’ Association / 15 November 2015

Minister of Finance Sven Sester opened the anniversary conference of the Estonian Auditors’ Association

"To achieve the continuing change of Estonia, it is important to ensure economic growth - so that there would be more enterprises and that they would invest, expand and add new well-paying jobs for people. Estonia is a small and open economy that is greatly dependent on whether anyone wants to invest in here. It is clear that reliable financial information forms a part of a transparent and sustainable business environment. Our accounting and auditing activities have to conform to the best international practices, and the role of sworn auditors cannot be underestimated here.

Today the auditors of Estonia are members of an international network that is guided by internationally accepted auditing standards and principles. Many experts of accounting have made an invaluable contribution to the development of audit activities - practicing sworn auditors, chief accountants, and teaching staff of universities. The profession that has been built on such a strong basement in the past 25 years and that has shown a meaningful content, will certainly have potential to accept big challenges also in the next 25 years to come.

In good co-operation we'll all try to make the Estonian business environment better, more transparent and reliable, to give new impetus to the Estonian economy."

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